How rich is Mark Haines?


How rich is Mark Haines?

Mark Haines Net Worth:
$7.5 Million

Mark Haines Net Worth:

Mark Haines (April 19, 1946 – May 24, 2011) was a host on the CNBC television network.
Birth date: April 19, 1946, Plainfield, New Jersey, United States
Death date: May 24, 2011, Marlboro, New Jersey, United States
Birth place: Plainfield
Profession: Newscaster
Education: Denison University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pennsylvania Law School
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Cindy Haines
Children: Matt Haines, Meredith Haines
TV shows: Morning Call, Squawk Box, Squawk on the Street

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