How rich is Mark Geragos?


How rich is Mark Geragos?

Mark Geragos Net Worth:
$25 Million

Mark Geragos Net Worth:

Mark John Geragos (born October 5, 1957) is an Armenian-American criminal defense lawyer. Clients that he represented include Michael Jackson, actress Winona Ryder, politician Gary Condit, Susan McDougal and Scott Peterson. He was also involved in the Whitewater controversy. Geragos represented suspended NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield; Paul and Kulbir Dhaliwal, two brothers injured after a tiger escaped in San Francisco Zoo; and musician Chris Brown, who pleaded guilty in the assault of his then girlfriend Rihanna. In addition, he assisted the family of David Carradine during the investigation of his accidental auto-erotic death. He is considered a "celebrity lawyer".
Birth date: October 5, 1957
Birth place: Los Angeles, California, United States
Profession: Lawyer
Education: Haverford College, Loyola Law School
Nationality: American
Spouse: Paulette Geragos (Kassabian)
Parents: Betty Jane Geragos, Paul Geragos
TV shows: Anderson Cooper 360°
Books: Mistrial

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