How rich is Mark Driscoll?


How rich is Mark Driscoll?

Mark Driscoll Net Worth:
$3 Million

Mark Driscoll Net Worth:

Mark A. Driscoll (born October 11, 1970) is an evangelical Christian pastor, author, and the former pastor of Mars Hill Church, an influential megachurch in Seattle, Washington. He resigned on October 14, 2014. In 1996, Driscoll co-founded Mars Hill Church, which as of March 2014 had grown to 14,000 members in five states and fifteen locations. He also founded The Resurgence, a theological cooperative, and co-founded several other parachurch organizations: Churches Helping Churches, the church planting Acts 29 Network, and The Gospel Coalition. He has written for the "Faith and Values" section of the Seattle Times, OnFaith, and the Fox News website. Driscoll has also authored a number of popular Christian books. Described as "an evangelical bad boy, a gifted orator and charismatic leader" and "hip yet hard-line", he is known for promoting "culturally relevant" yet theologically conservative Christianity. He favors "vintage" aesthetics and a "down to earth", yet at times "aggressive", preaching style.Forbes called Driscoll "one of the nation's most prominent and celebrated pastors". In 2011, Preaching magazine named him one of the 25 most influential [English-speaking] pastors of the past 25 years. His influence is polarizing; he is described in a profile by Salon as being the center of a cult of personality, and using controversy to increase his visibility. The New York Times Magazine called him "one of the most admired—and reviled—figures among evangelicals nationwide." Controversy often surrounded his complementarian view of gender roles, Calvinist theology, perceived misogyny, plagiarism accusations, and culture of fear that allegedly supports his ministerial authority.In the summer of 2014, The New York Times wrote that Driscoll's "empire appears to be imploding" under public criticism and formal complaints from Mars Hill staff members and congregants. The Acts 29 Network that Driscoll helped to found removed him from its membership and urged him to step down from ministry. On October 15, 2014, Driscoll announced his resignation from Mars Hill Church. Two weeks after Driscoll's resignation, executive pastor Dave Bruskas announced that Mars Hill Church would be dissolving by January 1, 2015, with individual congregations in the multi-site church given the option to become independent, merge with another church, or disband.
Birth date: October 11, 1970
Birth place: Grand Forks, North Dakota USA
Profession: Evangelical Christian pastor, author
Education: Highline High School in Burien, Washington State University, Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon
Nationality: American
Spouse: Grace Driscoll (née Martin)
TV shows: "ABC Nightline: Does Satan Exist?" (2009), 'Hellbound? (2012)

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