How rich is Maria Montazami?


How rich is Maria Montazami?

Maria Montazami Net Worth:
$3 Million

Maria Montazami Net Worth:

Maria Montazami (born 13 November 1965) is a Swedish housewife and television personality in the series Svenska Hollywoodfruar, which is currently airing its fifth season in Sweden. Montazami has also appeared in commercials for Max Hamburgers and the travel agency Vings commercial. In November 2010 Montazami appeared in the TV3 show 24 timmar, alongside singer Anna Book.
Birth date: 1965-11-13
Birth place: Västerås, Sweden
Profession: Actress
Nationality: Swedish
Spouse: Kamran Montazami
Children: Nicholas Montazami, Hanna Montazami, Sara Montazami, Emma Montazami
Source: Wikipedia

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