How rich is Margaret Cho?


How rich is Margaret Chong?

Margaret Chong Net Worth:
$3 Million

Margaret Chong Net Worth:

Margaret Cho Net Worth $3 Million

Margaret Cho is an American comedienne, actress, and writer,with an estimated net worth of $3 million. Margaret Cho was born in San Francisco, California on December 5, 1968. Cho is of Korean ancestry. Her dad owned a bookstore in San Francisco. He also composed joke books and was a columnist to get a Korean paper. Cho grew up in a really varied area, she described her community as”old hippies, ex-druggies, burn outs in the ’60s, drag queens, Chinese individuals, and Koreans. To say it was a melting pot — that is the least of it. It proved to be a really confusing, enlightening, fantastic time.” Margaret was an outcast and frequently intimidated in school. Comedy became a means for her to escape her troubled life. Cho auditioned for a local arts high school. When she got accepted into San Francisco School of the Arts, Cho became involved with the school’s improve comedy group. Cho began writing jokes at the age of fourteen, and performing at the age of sixteen.

Cho spent years developing her stuff in a comedy club nearby her parents’ bookstore. She won a comedy competition early in her career. Afterwards, Cho moved to la in the early 1990s. Cho began working the faculty circuit, and quickly became the most booked college act. She earned the “Campus Comedian of the Year” award. Within two years, Cho performed in over 300 concerts while making appearances on The Arsenio Hall Show show along with a Bob Hope special. In 1994, Cho starred in the short-lived ABC sitcom, All American Girl. She was initially chosen because she was a nonconformist Korean woman with liberal perspectives. After the show began, Cho was critiqued about her appearance, inquired to tone it down, and criticized for being “too Asian” or “not Asian enough”. The result proved to be a watered down show which failed to capture television audiences. After her show was cancelled, Cho turned to a life of starvation and substance abuse. Her obsession with wanting to be thin landed her a trip in the hospital because of kidney failure.

One she got her well-being back in order, Cho hit the pavement attempting to direct her fury into taking within the comedy scene. Once started performing to sold out crowds, as well as in 1999 her groundbreaking one girl show,I am The One That I Want toured the United States and received favorable reviews. On the tour she discussed the issues of breaking into the business as a minority, her weight struggles, as well as her substance abuse issues. The tour was made into a best selling novel and feature film. Cho continues to sell out tours across the nation. Outside of comedy, Margaret Cho is now a television star. She also competed in the eleventh season of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. Margaret only continued until round three, but she of course had the media buzzing when she did the Samba to Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana” in a homosexual-themed dress. MargaretCho reason behind it was to represent gay rights, and shed light on bullying against queers. Cho stays at the vanguard of of activism for civil rights, gay rights, and anti-bullying.

Margaret Cho is an American based Korean fashion designer, screen writer, performer as well as a stand-up comedian with an estimated net worth of about $3 million dollars. Margaret is famous for her popular stand-up comedy style that revolves around disparaging political and social issues, especially those that relate to sexuality and race. She’s also known for frequently supporting LGBT rights together with her humanitarian efforts that led to her winning of several awards on behalf of Asians, her LGBT community and women. As an actress, Margaret Cho has played numerous parts; like Charlene Lee in ‘ It’s my bash’ movie, and a colleague to John Travolta in “Face Off”. Cho has also managed to direct and appear in several music videos, also being involved in dressing several music stars through the shooting of their video. She also owns a clothes line which actively leads to her entire net worth.

Margaret Cho was born on 5th December, 1968 in San Francisco California — in a Korean family. She was raised up in a racially mixed-up neighborhood in a family group of ex-druggies, as described by her. Much like most stand-up comedian, Cho additionally began by performing in a local nightclub that was located next to her parents’ bookstore. She launched her career by performing in nightclubs for quite a while, and her road to acclaim jump started when she began to appear in university campuses’ shows and Television at the same time. Her popularity after drifted to the roof when she was given a minor role to play in the ‘Golden Girls’ and the ‘ Golden place’ films in 1992. In 1994 she was given as the very best female comic in the ‘ American comedy Awards’.

Birth date: December 5, 1968
Birth place: San Francisco, California, USA
Height:1.65 m
Profession: Comedian, actress, singer, author, singer-songwriter
Education: McAteer High School for the Performing Arts, San Francisco
Nationality: American
Spouse: Al Ridenour (2003-2014)
Parents: Young-Hie Cho, Seung-Hoon Cho
Awards: American Comedy Award for Best Female Comedian (1994),
Nominations: Campus Comedian of the Year (1990), Grammy nomination for Comedy album of the Year, Emmy's Best Guest Performance
Movies: Golden Girls (1992), All-American Girl (1994), The Sensuous Woman
TV shows: I'm The One That I Want (1999), The Cho Show,

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