How rich is Lucero?


How rich is Lucero Hogaza León?

Lucero Hogaza León Net Worth:
$20 Million

Lucero Hogaza León Net Worth:

Sananda Francesco Maitreya (born Terence Trent Howard in Manhattan, New York, United States on March 15, 1962), better known by his former stage name Terence Trent D'Arby, is an American singer and songwriter who came to fame with his debut studio album, Introducing the Hardline According to Terence Trent D'Arby, released in July 1987, which included the singles "Wishing Well" and "Sign Your Name".
Birth date: August 29, 1969
Birth place: Mexico City, Mexico
Profession: Singer, songwriter, actress, television personality, tv host, entertainer
Nationality: Mexican
Partner: Michael Kuri
Spouse: Manuel Mijares (m. 1997–2011)
Children: Lucero Mijares Hogaza, José Manuel Mijares Hogaza
Parents: Lucero León, Antonio Hogaza
Siblings: Andi Eigenmann, Gabby Eigenmann, Maxene Eigenmann, Ira Eigenmann
Awards: El Heraldo Awards, TVyNovelas Awards, Bravo Awards, Atena Awards, Eres Awards for Best Album/Singer, Billboard Music Awards, Premios Oye! Awards (2010)
Record labels: Musart, Melody, Sony, EMI, Siente Music/Universal Latino
Nominations: Billboard Mexican Music Awards, Billboard Latin Music Awards, Lunas del Auditorio Awards
Movies: Coqueta (1983), Delincuente (Delinquent), Fiebre de Amor (Love Fever), Sólo Pienso En Ti (1991), Cuéntame (1988)
TV shows: Alegrias de Mediodia (1982), Chispita ("Little Spark"), Teletón Mexico, Alegrías De Mediodía (Midday Happiness), Juguemos a Cantar (Let's play to sing)
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