How rich is Linda Thompson?


How rich is Linda Thompson?

Linda Thompson Net Worth:
$25 Million

Linda Thompson Net Worth:

Linda got married to Bruce Jenner in 1981 and has two kids out of the union. In 1972, she was labeled as Elvis’ lover for nearly five years. She resided with her boyfriend for three and a half years. It was said that she was 22 when she began dating Elvis. She said that Elvis likes his girls to be quite youthful. Though there were lots of gossips that Lind was the reason why Elvis left his wife. Nevertheless, Lind and Elvis met each other when his marital relationship was nearly over and was distinguished from her. He was distinguished from his partner since January, 1972 and she met him just in July. Lind said that although her first fortune with Elvis was a complete catastrophe, Elvis called her, the minute she reached her house. This was Linda’s first serious event and she needed to take it to another level and she talked about the wedding and he concurred. Nevertheless, Elvis didn’t desire to get married. He began seeing other girls after she talked about the wedding. The issue was whenever he cheated on her, he’d be found by the media. Elvis used to apologize to Linda, every time he gets found. Yet, he never became devoted to the relationship and the frequency of the two-timing, raised. She got a divorce from Bruce and he wed Kris Jenner. Just before the separation from Kris Jenner, Bruce was spending lots of time with his former partner Linda and her sons. Though they failed to have an intimate relationship, Kris was really envious of Linda. Bruce filed for the parting, after a day or two of being with Linda. The sources affirmed the assembly had nothing related to love affair. They only met and spoke with their sons. They lived together for five years and Linda said that it was an excellent relationship, but not a married one. No one around them anticipated Linda and Bruce to get split. There were no real signs to say the basis for the parting. Though some sources label Kris as the basis for the parting, there are not any valid reports to show that he was seeing Kris when he was married to Linda. Her relationship with David finished when David filed for separation from her, to begin his new life with Yolanda Foster. He wed her and Linda failed to enter into marital life again. When Linda and Yolanda met each other in a show, she said that Yolanda snitched her partner as well as her show.

Birth date: May 23, 1950
Birth place: Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Height:1.75 m
Profession: Songwriter, Actor, Lyricist
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: David Foster (m. 1991–2005), Caitlyn Jenner (m. 1981–1986)
Children: Brody Jenner, Brandon Jenner
Parents: Sanford Abel Thompson, Margie White Thompson
Siblings: Sam Thompson
Awards: Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics
Nominations: Academy Award for Best Original Song
Movies: The Bodyguard, RoboCop 2
TV shows: The Princes of Malibu, Hee Haw
Source: Wikipedia

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