How rich is Linda Cohn?


How rich is Linda Cohn?

Linda Cohn Net Worth:
$10 Million

Linda Cohn Net Worth:

She’s been a sports correspondent from 1981. The wages, she brings in, isn’t disclosed to people. She’s 53 years old and now in a relationship with her boyfriend, Matt Voity, who’s a hockey coach. She was wed to Stew Kaufman and divorced. She’s two kids from her first marriage. She said that Matt continues to be in her life for long and she didn’t need to allow it to be a public issue out of it. In her novel she said that she believed she loved him and often said to him that she adored him. She said she was fearful of giving everything as she had not been certain whether she’d have the ability to get back. She met Stew during her school days and fell in love. The reason behind the parting isn’t disclosed in any new or even in her novels. You will find rumors that she’d gotten a plastic surgery. Her ‘age’ became debated when she began dating Matt who’s 17 years younger than her. Her married life with Stew continued for nearly 28 years. She said that Stew is a regular man and the life with a marketing research man was kind of boring. There were no rumors or reports about extramarital relationships or other issues that would have caused the separation. Therefore, it’s presumed that they both developed boring of each other and got divorced. The age difference between Linda and Matt caused lots of controversies. Yet, she continues as the greatest sportscaster and her novel is gaining popularity, among her supporters. She’s not prepared to disclose more about her private life and she said that she’s a proud mom whose kids see her as an ideal mom. This was all that was disclosed to people. In her recent novel, she’s talked rather widely, about her divorce. Her ex- husband, Stew failed to remark anything about their married life, relationship, their parting or their relationship, after the parting. The elements about the divorce settlement and the guardianship of the children are also not shown. Since there are not any rumors and reports, it’s presumed the terms between Linda and Stew are smooth. Though her dating life with Matt is quite popular, she hasn’t remarked on the issue. She said that Matt continues to be part of her life, for quite a long time.

Birth date: November 10, 1959
Birth place: Long Island, New York, USA
Height:1.65 m
Profession: Sports commentator
Education: Newfield High School, State University of New York at Oswego
Nationality: American
Spouse: Stew Kaufman
Movies: The Break-Up
TV shows: SportsCenter, College Football Scoreboard
Source: Wikipedia

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