How rich is Lil Duval?


How rich is Lil Duval?

Lil Duval Net Worth:
$1.5 Million

Lil Duval Net Worth:

His first name is Roland Powell. He chose his stage name to pay tribute to the area he was born. He could be well-known due to his deep comedic demonstrations as a standup comedian. His sense of humor is highly commended among his supporters. From that time he needed to get folks laugh. He considers that laughter is still the best medication and a joyous laugh will make your tension away. After high school he went to Atlanta to pursue his vision of being a true comic. He began performing his standup comedy in Uptown Comedy Center. From that point on, he became a regular comic. After a day or two, his big break arrived. Cedric saw Duval performing at Oakland Bay Area Competition and he was quite impressed. He was becoming quite successful and folks seemed to love his wit. As a show business man, he’d a wish to play in films which was carried through when he played in a comedy drama film School Dancing. The name of his character was “Bam Bam” which was amusing enough for his fans to see him in that picture. Besides doing all these amusing stuffs, he could be an artist at his heart. On April 2004, his first solo single song record as well as music video premiered for his supporters. The name of the record is ‘Wat Dat Mouf Do? This humorous line was formerly introduced by Duval himself and it was broadly popular. He appeared in many music videos including Get low, Be Simple, Regardless Of What, 24s, Its Going Down, Anything You Enjoy, Coffee Shop, My president and Appearing Lad. Duvals net worth is quite striking. Its an amount of 1.5 million dollars which shows how great he’s. His stature is comparatively short. He’s 5 feet 2 inches tall. He’s among those amusing black people who dedicated his life to get other people laugh. There’s no in-depth info on his private life. Though he’s an extremely comical and lovable man, he determined to not share his private life that much with his supporters. Thus, its unknown that whom he’s dating or who his current girlfriend is. In regards to his private life he keeps a low profile. As he’s a popular man, he’s an incredible amount of devotees on social network. In Twitter, he’s near about 879 thousand followers. All things considered, he brings happiness to individuals life.

Birth date: June 12, 1977
Birth place: Florida, USA
Height:1.57 m
Profession: Comedian, Actor
Nationality: American
Siblings: Rolanda Powell-Rickert
Nominations: Shorty Award for Humor
Movies: Meet the Blacks, Scary Movie 5, Hillbilly Highway, Clean Up Men, Crunk Comedy All-Stars, Roland Powell: Dat Boy Funny, 12. Parenting & School in America, 11. Dancing & Pets in America, 10. Beauty & Working in America
Source: Wikipedia

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