How rich is Les Paul?


How rich is Les Paul Drake?

Les Paul Drake Net Worth:
$10 Million

Les Paul Drake Net Worth:

Joyce Melissa "Meli'sa" Morgan (born December 6, 1964) is an American R&B/Soul singer–songwriter. Morgan had a string of urban contemporary and house music hits starting the mid–1980s through the mid–1990s. Morgan most notable songs includes her cover version of Prince's "Do Me, Baby" (1985),"Do You Still Love Me" (1986) and "Still in Love With You" (1992). Born in Queens, New York, Morgan got her start in the music industry while singing with a church gospel choir called the Starlets of Corona. Morgan cites Chaka Khan as a major influence.
Birth date: 1915-06-09
Death date: 2009-08-12
Birth place: Waukesha, Wisconsin, US
Profession: Actor
Source: Wikipedia

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