How rich is Kiran Chetry?


How rich is Kiran Chetry?

Kiran Chetry Net Worth:
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Kiran Chetry Net Worth:

Kiran Chetry is an American broadcast journalist who was the news anchor at CNN for the early morning program till 2011. Previously she’d worked at Fox News Channel in the year 2001 to 2007. Kiran Carrie Chetry was born in August 26, 1974, in Kathmandu, Nepal. Her family moved to America after several months and she was raised in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Her dad is a Nepali and her mom is of Ukrainian, German, and Dutch ancestry. She studied at the School of Journalism, College Park situated in University of Maryland. She’s married to Chris Knowles, a fellow journalist and news anchor. She’s two kids, a daughter, Maya Rose Knowles and son, Christopher Chetry Knowles. She later moved to Erie Pennsylvania and began working for WICU TV as health reporter and anchorman. She transferred to KXTV in the year 1999, which is situated in Sacramento, California. She was the morning anchor and correspondent there. She was afterwards made anchorman of the shows ‘Fox News Live’ and ‘Fox & Friends First’. She left Fox in 2007 and was signed on by CNN promptly after. She was the cohost of the show ‘American Morning’ during morning hours and anchored ‘Anderson Cooper 360’ in evenings. She also worked as fill in anchor for ‘Paula Zahn Now’ and for the program ‘CNN Newsroom’. She left CNN on July 29, 2011. Chetry has co-anchored the prime time preview of the YouTube Democratic Discourse of 2007 and also the evaluation of the post-presidential race of Michigan primary in 2008. Kiran Chetry has won many awards including the Best Business Reporting award in the Organization of Pennsylvania Associated Press Broadcasters in the year 1997 for her report on teen smoking. She’s been honored with Making Our Mark Award in the Association of Nepalis in America. Chetry was lately seen on the show ‘Rock Center’ in NBC, in March 2013 after 20 months of being off atmosphere. She’s reported to be on a freelance contract and is anticipated to be seen on more such shows.

Birth date: August 26, 1974
Birth place: Patan, Bagmati, Nepal
Height:5' 7" (1.7 m)
Spouse: Formerly Chris Knowles - separated
Children: Christopher Chetry Knowles, Maya Rose Knowles
Source: Wikipedia

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