How rich is Kidd Kraddick?


How rich is Kidd Kraddick?

Kidd Kraddick Net Worth:
$30 Million

Kidd Kraddick Net Worth:

He was generally generally known as Kidd Kraddick. He was renowned for his shows like, Kidd Kraddick in the morning. He got married to his first wife, Carol and got split in 2007. They will have one daughter out of the relationship. He got engaged to Lissi, a week before his passing. In 2009, he was identified as having lymphoma and has kept it as a secret from his family. The reason for the parting was said to be infidelity. Nevertheless, Kidd remarked when he really had an extramarital relationship, the other DJs would have created a huge picture out of it and the news would have spread all over town immediately. He declared his separation and advised that he and Carol didn’t need to go in detail into the personal matters. He said he would quit talking about Carol on the show for the benefit of her solitude. Carol always understood that she’d shortly be separated from her husband. They didn’t reside together for quite a long time. He understood Carol from her senior year in high school. He concurred that most of the errors that were given to the union was due to him. He said he was egoistic, obstinate and quite psychological and would speak without thinking. He also said that his career added lots of pressure on his private life. He also said he would attempt to keep a healthy relationship with Carol for the benefit of his daughter. In 2014, he declared that he could be dating a girl who’s 21 years younger than him. At the age of 53, he suggested to Lissi. In 2011, he declared that he had cancer and was requiring treatment for the same between 2011 and 2012, his well-being was recovered and he met Lissi. After his departure, his daughter inherited the condominium where he and Lissi were living together. It was said that she demanded Lissi to leave the condominium, instantly. Kidd also apologized to her in the show relating to this age difference. Carol never mentioned their separation or the basis for it in the media. It was also said that Carol failed to convey with Kidd when he declared about his health problems. Though he needed his relationship with Carol to be smooth, it had not been thus in the real life. There are not any details as what occurred to Lissi after his departure. Carol had not been understood to have dated anyone nor did she get married after the separation.

Birth date: August 22, 1959, Napoleon, Ohio, United States
Death date: July 27, 2013, Gretna, Louisiana, United States
Birth place: Napoleon
Profession: Radio personality
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Carol Anne Charett (m. 1986–2008)
Children: Caroline Cradick
Source: Wikipedia

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