How rich is Kianna Dior?


How rich is Kianna Dior?

Kianna Dior Net Worth:
$300 Thousand

Kianna Dior Net Worth:

Sananda Francesco Maitreya (born Terence Trent Howard in Manhattan, New York, United States on March 15, 1962), better known by his former stage name Terence Trent D'Arby, is an American singer and songwriter who came to fame with his debut studio album, Introducing the Hardline According to Terence Trent D'Arby, released in July 1987, which included the singles "Wishing Well" and "Sign Your Name".
Birth date: 1970-06-02
Birth place: Hong Kong
Height:1.67 m
Profession: Film Score Composer, Singer-songwriter, Film producer, Actor, Designer
Education: United World College of the Adriatic, Diocesan Girls' School, University of London
Nationality: Chinese
Spouse: Florence
Parents: Alan Morris, Mok Ho Man Yee
Siblings: Trevor Morris
Awards: Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actress
Nominations: Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress, Hong Kong Film Award for Best Original Film Song, Hundred Flowers Award for Best Supporting Actress, Golden Rooster Award for Best Supporting Actress, International Viewer's Choice Award for MTV China
Movies: A Chinese Odyssey Part Two: Cinderella, So Close, The God of Cookery, Shaolin Soccer, Man of Tai Chi, Fallen Angels, King of Comedy, Black Mask, Around the World in 80 Days, Out of the Dark, Go Lala Go!, Tempting Heart, Viva Erotica, The Great Hypnotist, DragonBlade: The Legend of Lang, Lawyer Lawyer, East Meets West 2011, The Twins Effect, Enter the Phoenix, Goodbye Mr. Cool, Wait 'til You're Older, The Coffin, Mr. Cinema, A Chinese Odyssey Part One: Pandora's Box, Lost Indulgence, Young and Dangerous 3, The Road Less Traveled, Sexy and Dangerous, Young and Dangerous 4, First Love: The Litter on the Breeze, Those Were the Days, The Law of Attraction, wkw/tk/[email protected]'55", Task Force, Roaring Wheels, Heaven Can't Wait, Love Under the Sun, From Ashes to Ashes, Magazine Gap Road
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