How rich is Keenan Cahill?


How rich is Keenan Cahill?

Keenan Cahill Net Worth:
$425 Thousand

Keenan Cahill Net Worth:

Keenan Cahill was born on 20th March, 1995 at Elmhurst, Illinois, United States of America. Keenan Cahill is quite well-known over the net for his YouTube videos of lip syncs to popular tunes. Keenans videos over YouTube are an immediate hit and can create up to 37 million hits. Keenan Cahill has his own YouTube Station and lots of followers also. Keenan Cahill started his first lip synced video over YouTube on 28th August, 2010; of Katy Perrys ‘Teenage Dream. Keenan Cahill was nominated for the Teen Choice Award for Alternative Web Star. In September 2011, Keenan Cahill was also nominated for Viral Web Star at the J14 awards. Keenans hour long documentary was aired on NT1 France, Belgium and Switzerland and as per unofficial reports was viewed by 5 million individuals. Keenan after had a 13 minute video documentary aired on M6 in France. Keenan Cahill loves all famedom and following but has Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome, a rare disorder, which sadly has caused dwarfism in him. Keenan Cahill is about 41’ or 124 m tall. The other effects of the disorder on Keenan contain thickening of the dura, shortened trunk, crouched posture, limited joint motion and enlarged hands. Keenan Cahill was found with the disorder at the age of one and he was treated with a bone marrow transplant in 1997 when Keenan was just two years of age. The operation directed at slowing down the progress of the disorder and thereon had multiple operations including operation to relieve intracranial pressure. Sadly, Keenan needs to get these treatments until he expired. Keenan Cahills net worth is estimated about $ 425 Thousand. Keenan Cahill’s popularity can rightly be judged in the fact that he as about 649 thousand subscribers and a whopping 459 million video views.

Birth date: March 20, 1995
Birth place: Elmhurst, Illinois, United States
Height:1.24 m
Profession: Musical Artist
Nationality: American
Nominations: Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star
Source: Wikipedia

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