How rich is Kate Burton?


How rich is Kate Burton?

Kate Burton Net Worth:
$3 Million

Kate Burton Net Worth:

Katherine "Kate" Burton (born September 10, 1957) is a Swiss-born Welsh-American actress and the daughter of actor Richard Burton and Sybil Burton. On television, Burton received critical acclaim for performances in Shonda Rhimes's drama series as Ellis Grey on Grey's Anatomy, and as Vice President Sally Langston on Scandal. She has been nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards and three Tony Awards.
Birth date: September 10, 1957
Birth place: Geneva, Switzerland
Profession: Director, Writer, Actress
Nationality: Switzerland
Spouse: Michael Ritchie (m. 1985)
Children: Morgan Ritchie, Charlotte Ritchie
Parents: Richard Burton, Sybil Williams
Siblings: Liza Todd Burton, Maria Burton, Amy Cristopher, Jessica Burton

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