How rich is Kaity Tong?


How rich is Kaity Tong?

Kaity Tong Net Worth:
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Kaity Tong is a well-known American journalist. Produced in 1947, she’s really of Chinese origin, and was born in Qingdao in China. She’s rather popular as an American journalist anchorman and continues to be a news anchor since 1981. Her biography – how she became this kind of popular anchorman in Ny and stayed in the news business, despite fighting through several controversies throughout her life, is truly astonishing. After being born in China, Kaity left for New York when she was just four years old with her whole family. Her parents changed their names to make them seem more “American”. Her great uncle was an ambassador to america from China. Her mom was also associated with the exact same area which too inspired Kaity. She studied at the Bryn Mawr College on the full scholarship. While studying there, she determined to be a teacher in English literature after she passed out. Nevertheless, her luck changed when she began anchoring for a summer program during her stay in Stanford. The occupations consisted of anchoring during the morning show as well as working as a producer for the KPIX TV All-News Radio, which is situated in Ny. Although it was just assumed to be a summer job, Kaity remained there for a considerably longer period of time, nearly annually. She moved to news company after completing her masters degree successfully. She’s received many awardsduring her profession because of her extraordinary performances as a journalist and anchorman. Included in these are the Extraordinary Achievement Award In The Womens Project, Rotary International along with a Star Award. She’s been given the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor for her life work. She had to confront several controversies in 2010 due to her lousy reviews. She still works at WPIX now. She’s regarded as among the greatest anchors the station ever had. Kaity Tong is still considered incredibly popular, despite being 68 years old. Part of her appearances can be brought to the way she dresses –skirts and pencil pumps are undoubtedly a pleasant mix. Also, her appearances also can be caused by a plastic surgery she’d. She never acknowledged in public to getting the operation but the fact that she still seems so youthful despite being above 50, is undoubtedly a strong indicator of the operation. Kaity wed Robert Long, who was a news manager.

Birth date: July 23, 1949
Birth place: Tsingtao, China
Profession: Actress
Spouse: Robert Long, child
Children: Philip Long
Source: Wikipedia

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