How rich is Julie Banderas?


How rich is Julie Banderas?

Julie Banderas Net Worth:
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She’s the daughter of Howard Bidwell and Fabiola R. Her mom is of Colombian origin. She’s a sister and her name is Melissa. Julia has finished her bachelors degree in the Emerson College; it was a B.S in Journalism. Julie Banderas began working with FNC in the year 2005 and is at present based out of the New York office. The latest coverage done by her was of the mayoral race in Nyc, this was in 2013 itself. She’s been a subscriber to the wellness and well-being related reports which appear on the network. Before joining the FNC, she was an anchorman in The Big Apple and in addition has worked for various news stations. In the year 2004, Julia was awarded “Excellent Newscast”, this is an Emmy award. Her Husband Andrew Sansone is an associate of the managers that consist of the Board of Habitat for Humanity. He’s also the president and creator of Big Apple Channel and Old Rock Media. Shortly after, she announced her engagement with him. There after she wed her boyfriend. They may be happily married and there are not any indications of a divorce. They will have two daughters, Addison Melissa and Avery Julie. The family is staying in the Nyc right now. She also has a dog called Shasta. This stunning girl is rather tall, five feet and four inches to be precise; she’s which is an add-on to her appearances. Ultimately it’s her effort and ability that has helped her to reach to these heights. Banderas also had some downs in her career when she got fired in the fox news that has been a local platform. The reason behind this was that she likely had an affair with a guy who was a photographer, these photos of her and the photographer who was a married man got publised in a daily newspaper.

Birth date: September 25, 1973
Birth place: Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Spouse: Andrew J. Sansone
Children: Addison Melissa, Avery Julie
Siblings: Howard, Melissa, Fabiola
Source: Wikipedia

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