How rich is John W. Thompson?


How rich is John Wendell Thompson?

John Wendell Thompson Net Worth:
$250 Million

John Wendell Thompson Net Worth:

John Wendell Thompson (born April 24, 1949) is the CEO of privately held Virtual Instruments and the Chairman of Microsoft Corporation. He is a former vice-president at IBM and the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Symantec Corporation. During his tenure as CEO of Symantec, he was the only African American leading a major technology company. Thompson later became an independent director on the board of Microsoft and on February 4, 2014 he was named the Chairman of the board. He led the search for Microsoft's next CEO; as a result, Satya Nadella was selected.
Birth date: April 24, 1949
Birth place: Fort Dix, New Jersey, USA
Profession: Chairman of Microsoft, CEO of Virtual Instruments, businessmen
Education: John F. Kennedy High School, Florida, Florida A&M University, MIT Sloan School of Management
Nationality: American
Awards: Silicon Valley Education Foundation's Pioneer Business Leader award (2010)
Source: Wikipedia

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