How rich is John Thain?


How rich is John Thain?

John Thain Net Worth:
$100 Million

John Thain Net Worth:

John Alexander Thain (born May 26, 1955) is an American businessman, investment banker, and currently chairman and CEO of the CIT Group.Thain was the last chairman and chief executive officer of Merrill Lynch before its merger with Bank of America. He was designated to become president of global banking, securities, and wealth management at the newly combined company, but resigned on January 22, 2009. Ken Lewis, CEO of Bank of America, reportedly forced Thain to step down after several controversies, such as the losses at Merrill Lynch which proved to be far larger than previously estimated, and the award of huge executive bonuses.Thain has been nicknamed "Superman", due to his facial resemblance to the character's alter-ego Clark Kent.
Birth date: May 26, 1955
Birth place: Antioch, Illinois, United States
Height:1.73 m
Profession: Businessperson
Education: Harvard Business School (1979), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1977), Harvard University
Nationality: American
Spouse: Carmen thain
Children: Alex Thain, Victoria Thain, Nicole Thain
Source: Wikipedia

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