How rich is John Lone?


How rich is John Lonergan?

John Lonergan Net Worth:
$20 Million

John Lonergan Net Worth:

John Lone (Chinese: 尊龍; pinyin: Zūn Lóng; born October 13, 1952, as 吳國良) is a Hong Kong-born American actor. Lone has played roles as diverse as a caveman in Iceman (1984), the last Emperor of China in The Last Emperor (1987), and an apparently female opera performer in M. Butterfly (1993).
Birth date: 1952-10-13
Birth place: Hong Kong, China
Height:1.72 m
Profession: Actor
Education: American Academy of Dramatic Arts
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Nina Savino
Books: Rabbit Ears Treasury of World Tales

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