How rich is John DeLorean?


How rich is John Zachary DeLorean?

John Zachary DeLorean Net Worth:
$50 Million

John Zachary DeLorean Net Worth:

John Zachary DeLorean (January 6, 1925 – March 19, 2005) was an American engineer and executive in the U.S. automobile industry, most notably with General Motors, and founder of the DeLorean Motor Company.He was best known for developing the Pontiac GTO muscle car, the Pontiac Firebird, Pontiac Grand Prix, Chevrolet Vega, and the DeLorean DMC-12 sports car, which was later featured in the 1985 film Back to the Future, and for his high profile 1982 arrest on charges of drug trafficking. The alleged drug trafficking was supposedly an attempt to raise funds for his struggling company, which declared bankruptcy that same year. He successfully defended himself against the drug trafficking charges, showing that his alleged involvement was a result of entrapment by federal agents.
Birth date: January 6, 1925
Death date: 2005-03-19
Birth place: Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
Height:6' 4" (1.93 m)
Profession: Writer
Education: Detroit College of Law
Nationality: American
Spouse: Sally Baldwin Cristina Ferrare
Children: Kathryn DeLorean, Zachary DeLorean
Parents: Kathryn Pribak DeLorean, Zachary DeLorean
Source: Wikipedia

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