How rich is John Bonham?


How rich is John Henry Bonham?

John Henry Bonham Net Worth:
$10 Million

John Henry Bonham Net Worth:

John Henry Bonham (31 May 1948 – 25 September 1980) was an English musician and songwriter, best known as the drummer of Led Zeppelin. Bonham was esteemed for his speed, power, fast bass-drumming, distinctive sound, and "feel" for the groove. He is considered one of the greatest rock drummers. Rolling Stone readers named him "best drummer of all time" in 2011.
Birth date: May 31, 1948
Death date: September 25, 1980, Clewer, United Kingdom
Birth place: Redditch, Worcestershire, England, UK
Height:5' 10½" (1.79 m)
Profession: Drummer
Nationality: British
Spouse: Pat Phillips (1965-1980 (1965-1980), his death)
Children: Jason Bonham, Zoë Bonham
Parents: Joan Bonham, Jack Bonham
Siblings: Deborah Bonham, Mick Bonham
Awards: NME Award for Best Drummer
Music groups: Led Zeppelin (1968 – 1980), Screaming Lord Sutch, Crawling King Snakes, Robert Plant, Terry Webb and the Spiders, The Nicky James Movement, The Senators, A Way of Life
Movies: The Song Remains the Same, Led Zeppelin: Complete Rock Case Studies

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