How rich is John Andretti?


How rich is John Andretti?

John Andretti Net Worth:
$20 Million

John Andretti Net Worth:

John Andretti (born March 12, 1963) is an American race car driver. He is the older brother of racer Adam Andretti, nephew of Indianapolis 500 winner Mario Andretti and first cousin to IndyCar champion Michael Andretti and Jeff Andretti. He is the first cousin once-removed to IndyCar driver Marco Andretti. His father Aldo Andretti, Mario's twin brother, retired from driving a race car after he nearly died in an accident. He has won in CART, IMSA GTP, Rolex Sports Car Series, and NASCAR. He was the last NASCAR driver to win a Cup race for the Petty Enterprises team, which folded in 2008.
Birth date: March 12, 1963
Birth place: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Profession: Race car driver
Education: Moravian College
Nationality: American
Spouse: Nancy Andretti
Children: Jarett Andretti
Parents: Aldo Andretti
Siblings: Adam Andretti, Carolyn Andretti
Source: Wikipedia

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