How rich is Jim Lemley?


How rich is Jim Lemley?

Jim Lemley Net Worth:
$15 Million

Jim Lemley Net Worth:

Jim Lemley was born in Seattle, Washington, and is the eldest of three. His father, Jack Lemley, was the CEO of the consortium that built the famous Channel Tunnel, which links France and England. Jack Lemley was awarded the CBE in the UK for his work on that project. Due to his father's job as an internationally renowned engineer, Jim moved around...
Birth date: March 9, 1965
Birth place: Seattle, Washington, USA
Profession: Producer, Production Manager, Actor
Education: University of Idaho
Nationality: American
Children: Juliette Lemley
Parents: Jack Lemley
Nominations: PGA Producer of the Year Award in Animated Theatrical Motion Pictures
Movies: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, 9, Wanted, Red Eye, Invincible, The Three Stooges
Source: Wikipedia

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