How rich is Jessica Lucas?


How rich is Jessica Lucas Massey?

Jessica Lucas Massey Net Worth:
$4 Million

Jessica Lucas Massey Net Worth:

Jessica Lucas could make a name for herself in the Hollywood business despite being competitive. She could gain the hearts of the crowd due to her amazing looks and perfect playing. She’s a vocalist and performer and she’s of Canada Nationality. She could do many pictures and she appeared in distinct television shows. She did well in her singing and she was able to sell distinct records. Her place of birth was British Columbia and she began to behave when she was seven years of age. For her ethnicity, she’s combined since she’s half white and half black. Jessica Lucas isn’t overly tall since her typical height is of 5 feet with 6 inches. She’s popular on distinct social media and she can be located on twitter and on facebook. She likes to upload her pictures and she’s the most popular television celebrity. She’s hot legs and she’s alluring which make her to be desired by many guys. She’s regarded as the most amazing and the most handled man on earth. She’s yet to locate someone who can become her husband and by now she’s single and she’s not in the relationship. She’d distinct parts in many films and her performing abilities were adored by the crowd and critics at the same time. She’d the part of Yvonne in a film called Shes The Guy and it became a success in the theaters. She could do well in the character of Kate Tunney and in the film the Covenant. The film premiered in 2006. In 2006, she could do two films called Entertainment and Cloverfield. She was playing Olivia in the film called Evil Dead which became popular Horror show. She played as Vera in That Awkward Moment and the film premiered in the year 2014. She was successful in distinct parts and television series and she also played in the TV series like Cult in the character including the Skye Yarrow. Her other show were in Melrose Place, Edgemont and Friends with Benefits.

Birth date: 1985-09-24
Birth place: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Height:5' 6" (1.68 m)
Profession: Actress, Soundtrack
Source: Wikipedia

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