How rich is Jawed Karim?


How rich is Jawed Karim?

Jawed Karim Net Worth:
$140 Million

Jawed Karim Net Worth:

Jawed Karim Net Worth $140 Million

Jawed Karim is a German web entrepreneur of German and Bangladeshi origin with a net worth of $140 million dollars. He’s best known for being the cofounder of the video-sharing site YouTube. A lot of the core elements of PayPal, including its real time anti-fraud system, were also designed and executed by Karim. Jawed Karim is most renowned for being a cofounder of He’s of Bangladeshi ethnicity. Then he studied Computer Science in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign but left school early to benefit PayPal in California. While working at PayPal, Jawed befriended his future Youtube cofounders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. Collectively, the three associates founded Youtube in 2005. Jawed has the distinction of starring in the 1st video ever uploaded to Youtube. The video, titled “Me at the zoo”, was shot with a buddy named Yakov Lapitsky during a visit to the San Diego Zoo. The 19 second video reveals Jawed standing before several elephants briefly describing the elephant’s trunks. It had been uploaded to Youtube from the username “Jawed” at 8:27 pm on Saturday, April 23, 2005.

Soon after co-founding the firm, Jawed determined to leave to enrol in graduate school at Stanford. Chad Hurley and Steve Chen carried on to turn Youtube to the planet shifting media conglomerate that people all understand and use now. Despite leaving the firm, Jawed still possessed a pretty significant percent of Youtube from the time it had been sold to Google in October 2006. Google purchased Youtube for $1.65 billion worth of stock. Because of Google’s continuing success and growing stock price, today those shares are worth more than $140 million.

Birth date: October 28, 1979
Birth place: Merseburg, East Germany
Profession: Entrepreneur, Designer, Co-founder of YouTube
Education: University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, Stanford University, Saint Paul Central High School
Nationality: American
Parents: Naimul Karim, Christine Karim
Siblings: Ilias Karim
Source: Wikipedia

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