How rich is Jason Witten?


How rich is Christopher Jason Witten?

Christopher Jason Witten Net Worth:
$12 Million

Christopher Jason Witten Net Worth:

Christopher Jason Witten was born on May 6, 1982, in Elizabethton, Tennessee. He’s a well-known American football tight end player for the DC (Dallas Cowboys) of the NFL (National Football League). He ranked second all time in receiving yards and career receptions by Tony Gonzalez, and NFL tight end. Composed has two older brothers Ryan and Shawn. All three brothers were raised in Washington D.C. Witten did his high school at EHS (Elizabethton High School) in Elizabethton, Tennessee. Mailman is the daddy of Witten, he’s 6’8″ height, 300 pound weight, he was an abusive dad, he use to mistreat his mom Kim, as well as his older brothers. His dad was addicted to drugs and booze when he was 6-years old. Witten was also trained by his grandpa as he was also a football coach. Initially, he was at defensive end, after he moved to tight end to pick up the positions depth. Witten as a sophomore received first 3 stars for establishing a school records as a tight end by reaching 39 receptions and receiving 493 yards with 5 touchdowns. Witten was picked for an All-SEC (Southeastern Conference) and he was honored as Academic All-SEC award. Yet, after his junior football season, he announced his fantasy which he needed to get picked at NFL Draft. Before he left the school, he reached third alltime title with 68 career receptions and 4th all time with 797 receiving yards among the school tight end team. Though, the DC had the opportunity to draft Witten on first round standard for the 2003 NFL Draft, they picked cornerback Terrence Newman. In the second round due to team demand the Dallas Cowboys picked Al Johnson. Sadly, Johnson had a brief NFL career since the DC located another player in 2003 and he became the Jason Wittens teammate for more than 11 years. The undrafted rookie is none besides Tony Romo. The Dallas Cowboys ultimately drafted Witten in the third round as a 69th complete. During his rookie season, he played just 7 games out of 15 matches. During that span, he broke his jaw while playing against the AC (Arizona Cardinals), but he continued to play, he missed just one match due to the harm. Due to his dedication, he got compliments from your head coach Bill Parcells. Tony Gonzalez is the other tight end who caught more than 1000 grabs. Witten resided with his wife Michelle in Westlake, Texas, after they got married. He was the creator of SCORE Foundation, which supports the families and people who are influenced by the domestic violence.

Birth date: May 6, 1982
Birth place: Elizabethton, Tennessee, USA
Height:1.96 m
Weight:120 kg
Profession: American Football Player
Education: Elizabethton High School, University of Tennessee
Nationality: American
Spouse: Michelle Witten
Children: Cooper Witten, C. J. Witten
Parents: Ed Witten, Kimberly Witten Barnett
Siblings: Ryan Witten, Shawn Witten
Awards: All-American, All-State, USA Today Player of the Year for Tennessee, Pro Bowl (2004–2010 (2004–2010), 2012–2014), NFL Alumni Tight End of the Year (2007 (2007), 2008, 2010), Ed Block Courage Award (2012), Walter Payton Man of the Year Award (2012)
Nominations: 2003 NFL Draft - Dallas Cowboys
TV shows: Battle of the Gridiron Stars
Source: Wikipedia

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