How rich is Jane Morgan?


How rich is Jane Morgan?

Jane Morgan Net Worth:
$30 Million

Jane Morgan Net Worth:

Jane Morgan (born May 3, 1924) is an American popular music singer. Morgan initially found success in France and the UK before achieving recognition in the U.S. She won six gold records.
Birth date: May 3, 1924
Death date: January 1, 1972, North Hollywood, California, United States
Birth place: Newton, Massachusetts, United States
Profession: Singer, Actor
Education: Juilliard School
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Jerry Weintraub (m. 1965)
Children: Lori Weintraub, Jody Weintraub, Joe Weintraub, Josh Weintraub
Parents: Olga Currier, Bertram Currier
TV shows: Our Miss Brooks
Albums: In My Style & Fresh Flavor, Greatest Hits

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