How rich is James Last?


How rich is James Lastovic?

James Lastovic Net Worth:
$30 Million

James Lastovic Net Worth:

James Last (also known as "Hansi") (born Hans Last, 17 April 1929) is a Bremen born composer and big band leader. His "happy music" made his numerous albums best-sellers in Germany and the United Kingdom. His composition, "Happy Heart", became an international success in interpretations by Andy Williams and Petula Clark. According to the British Hit Singles & Albums book, he has reportedly sold in excess of eighty million albums worldwide.
Birth date: 1929-04-17
Death date: 2015-06-09
Birth place: Bremen
Profession: Actor
Nationality: Germany
Spouse: Waltraud Last (m. 1955–1997), Christine Last (m. ?–2015)

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