How rich is James Goodnight?


How rich is James Goodnight?

James Goodnight Net Worth:
$7.7 Billion

James Goodnight Net Worth:

James Morris Goodnight is a businessman and software programmer. He co-founded SAS Institute as a faculty member of North Carolina State University in 1976. Since then he has been the CEO for more than three decades. His leadership style and the work environment he created a...
Birth date: January 6, 1943
Birth place: Salisbury, North Carolina, United States
Profession: Businessperson, Software Engineer, Designer, Entrepreneur
Education: New Hanover High School, North Carolina State University
Nationality: Jewish - American
Spouse: Ann Goodnight
Children: James A. Goodnight, Susan Goodnight, Leah Goodnight
Parents: Albert Goodnight, Dorothy Patterson Goodnight

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