How rich is Jackie Long?


How rich is Jackie Long?

Jackie Long Net Worth:
$1 Million

Jackie Long Net Worth:

Jackie Long (born October 23, 1981) is an American television and film actor, writer, musician, director and producer. He is also a voice actor for Grand Theft Auto V
Birth date: October 23, 1981
Birth place: Pasadena, California, United States
Profession: Actor, Film Producer, Writer, Musician, Film director
Education: John Muir High School
Nationality: American
Partner: Serena Williams
Awards: Fortune Award from NAACP
Movies: “Hurricane Season” (2009), “Soul Men” (2008), “Love Wrecked” (2005), "Born Again Virgin" (2015), "Love That Girl!" (2011), “Playas Ball”, “Seek & Hide”, "Love for Sale" (2008), "ATL" (2008)
TV shows: “The Parkers”, “Wild’n Out”

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