How rich is Iyaz?


How rich is Iyaz?

Iyaz Net Worth:
$2 Million

Iyaz Net Worth:

Keidran Jones (born 15 April 1987), better known by his stage name Iyaz (pronounced EYE-az), is a British Virgin Islands singer-songwriter and dancer, signed with the record label Beluga Heights Records. He is known for his singles "Replay", "Solo" and "Pretty Girls". He released his debut album Replay in 2010.
Birth date: April 15, 1987
Birth place: Tortola, United Kingdom
Profession: Singer-songwriter, Dancer, Singer, Songwriter
Education: New England Institute of Technology
Nationality: British Virgin Islands
Record labels: Beluga Heights Records, Atlantic Records
Albums: Replay, Aurora, So Big EP

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