How rich is Hype Williams?


How rich is Hype Williams?

Hype Williams Net Worth:
$14 Million

Hype Williams Net Worth:

Harold "Hype" Williams is an American music video and film director.Williams first displayed his work by tagging local billboards, storefronts, and playgrounds using HYPE as his graffiti tag. "That's probably what stimulated my interests in color," he says. "I wanted to be Basquiat or Keith Haring of the streets."
Birth date: October 15, 1976
Birth place: Queens
Height:1.73 m
Profession: Screenwriter, Film director, Music Video Director
Education: Adelphi University
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Joe Buck
Movies: Alice in Wasteland, Any Given Sunday, Throttle
Source: Wikipedia

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