How rich is Huang Yi?


How rich is Huang Yi?

Huang Yi Net Worth:
$15 Million

Huang Yi Net Worth:

Huang Yi (born September 13, 1979) is a Chinese actress and singer. She graduated from the TV Film Department of the Shanghai Institute of Oriental Culture.
Birth date: September 13, 1979
Birth place: Shanghai, China
Height:5 ft 5 in (1.66 m)
Profession: Actor, Singer
Nationality: China
Spouse: Yiqing Huang (m. 2011–2014), Jiang Kai (m. 2009–2010)
Movies: Drug War, The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake, The Legend Is Born: Ip Man, Treasure Inn, Overheard 2, Overheard 3, The Road Less Traveled, East Meets West 2011, Plastic City, Romancing in Thin Air, Brothers, The Go Master, Everlasting Regret, Just Another Margin, Amazing, Legendary, Chinese Wine, New Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Female Micro Film
Books: Satellite-observed and Model-simulated Outgoing Longwave Radiation Spectra

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