How rich is Henry Rollins?


How rich is Henry Rollins?

Henry Rollins Net Worth:
$12 Million

Henry Rollins Net Worth:

Henry Rollins (born Henry Lawrence Garfield; February 13, 1961) is an American musician, writer, journalist, publisher, actor, television and radio host, spoken word artist, comedian, and activist. Rollins hosts a weekly radio show on KCRW. He is also a regular columnist for LA Weekly and Rolling Stone Australia.After performing for the short-lived Washington D.C.-based band State of Alert in 1980, Rollins fronted the California hardcore punk band Black Flag from August 1981 until mid-1986. Following the band's breakup, Rollins established the record label and publishing company 2.13.61 to release his spoken word albums, as well as forming the Rollins Band, which toured with a number of lineups from 1987 until 2003, and during 2006.Since Black Flag disbanded, Rollins has hosted numerous radio shows, such as Harmony in My Head on Indie 103, and television shows such as The Henry Rollins Show, MTV's 120 Minutes, and Jackass. He had recurring dramatic roles in the second season of Sons of Anarchy, in the final seasons of the animated series The Legend of Korra as Zaheer, and has also had roles in several films. Rollins has also campaigned for various political causes in the United States, including promoting LGBT rights, World Hunger Relief, and an end to war in particular.As of 2013, Rollins is also the host of the educational history television series 10 Things You Don't Know About, joining the show for its second and third seasons. New episodes air weekly on H2 in the U.S.
Birth date: February 13, 1961 age 54
Birth place: Washington, D.C., United States
Height:5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)
Profession: Writer, Actor, Screenwriter, Musician, Journalist, Presenter, Singer, Radio personality, Comedian, Voice Actor
Education: Bullis School, American University
Nationality: United States of America
Parents: O. Wayne Rollins, Paul J. Garfield, Iris Garfield
Siblings: Gary Rollins
Awards: Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album
Music groups: Black Flag (1981 – 1986), Rollins Band, State of Alert (1980 – 1981)
Movies: He Never Died, The Last Heist, Heat, Bad Boys II, Wrong Turn 2: Dead End, Lost Highway, Johnny Mnemonic, The Chase, The New Guy, Jack Frost, Scenes of the Crime, The Devil's Tomb, Morgan's Ferry, The Alibi, Kiss Napoleon Goodbye, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, Feast, We Jam Econo, William Shatner's Gonzo Ballet, The Slog Movie, Suck, The Ballad of G.I. Joe, Lemmy, Wacken 3D, First Descent, Time Lapse, Henry Rollins: Up for It, H for Hunger, Henry Rollins: Live at Luna Park, Black Flag: Live, Henry Rollins: Live Uncut from NYC, Henry Rollins: Shock and Awe, Henry Rollins: Live in the Conversation Pit, Classic Albums: The Doors
TV shows: Project Greenlight, The Henry Rollins Show, Full Metal Challenge, Night Visions, MTV Sports, Henry's Film Corner, Animal Underworld, Henry Rollins: Uncut
Books: Get in the Van, Black Coffee Blues, Solipsist

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