How rich is Hal Douglas?


How rich is Harold Cone?

Harold Cone Net Worth:
$10 Million

Harold Cone Net Worth:

Voiceover artist par excellence Hal Douglas was born Harold Cone on September 1, 1924 in Stamford, Connecticut. The son of Samuel and Miriam Levenson Cone, Hal and his brother Edwin were primarily raised by their grandparents Sarah and Tevya Levenson after their mother died when Hal was only nine. (Their father later remarried.) Douglas trained as...
Birth date: September 1, 1924
Death date: 2014-03-07
Birth place: Stamford, Connecticut, USA
Profession: Actor
Education: University of Miami
Nationality: American
Spouse: Ruth Francis Douglas
Children: Daughter Sarah, sons Jeremy and Jon
Movies: The Holiday
Source: Wikipedia

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