How rich is Gustavo Cisneros?


How rich is Gustavo Cisneros?

Gustavo Cisneros Net Worth:
$4 Billion

Gustavo Cisneros Net Worth:

Gustavo A. Cisneros Rendiles is a Venezuelan media mogul of Cuban descent. He is among the world’s richest men according to Forbes magazine, which estimated his fortune at US$4.0 billion in 2014. The New York Times calls Cisneros, "one of Latin America’s most powerful fi...
Birth date: November 20, 1945
Birth place: Caracas, Venezuela
Profession: Investor
Education: Babson College
Nationality: Venezuela
Spouse: Patricia Phelps de Cisneros
Children: Adriana Cisneros, Carolina Cisneros, Guillermo Cisneros
Parents: Diego Cisneros
Siblings: Marion Cisneros, Ricardo Cisneros
Awards: International Emmy Award for Directorate

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