How rich is Froggy Fresh?


How rich is Tyler Stephen Cassidy?

Tyler Stephen Cassidy Net Worth:
$10 Thousand

Tyler Stephen Cassidy Net Worth:

Froggy Fresh Net Worth $10,000

Rapper Froggy Fresh is an internet ace whose following came mainly in the type of YouTube subscribers and conjecture regarding who the “Southern” rapper might actually be. Fresh, who formerly performed under the moniker Krispy Keme, is considered to be 22 or 23 years in 2014.

Signs that Fresh is, actually, a stage name for musician Tyler Cassidy relies on the fact Cassidy’s name is recorded as writer of Froggy Fresh’s music as well as the merchandising business that sells Froggy Fresh things. It had been featured on several sites and went viral, with more than ten million views in the initial couple of years. A lot of his videos feature the character of “James” as a recurring villain and seem to capitalize on the theory that Froggy Fresh is at best a slow-student. Krispy Kreme followed up with other performances similar to “The Baddest” on his own YouTube station, but declared in December, 2012, a representative of Krispy Kreme doughnuts had contacted his dad threatening to sue the artist for copyright infringement. Because of this, Froggy Fresh was born. The Froggy Fresh moniker has turned out to be nearly as popular with more than 29 million YouTube views in 18 months.

Despite the apparently enormous web popularity, Froggy Fresh might not prepare yourself to leave his day job just yet. He’s a net worth estimated at only $10,000. If Froggy Fresh is Tyler Cassidy, $10,000 is enough (perhaps) to cover the prices of about one term at a state college or university.

Profession: Rapper
Nationality: American
Albums: Money Maker (Reloaded)

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