How rich is Frank Farian?


How rich is Franz Reuther?

Franz Reuther Net Worth:
$40 Million

Franz Reuther Net Worth:

Not to be confused with Frank Farina.Frank Farian (born Franz Reuther 18 July 1941, Kirn, Germany), is a German record producer and songwriter, best known as the founder of 70s disco-pop group Boney M. and as the mastermind behind group Milli Vanilli. His musical productions have won more than 800 gold and platinum records. However, his tendency to create bands with a visual image distinct from the recorded musical performances led to controversy in the case of Milli Vanilli.
Birth date: July 18, 1941
Birth place: Kirn, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Profession: Soundtrack, Composer, Music Department
Nationality: German
Awards: Echo Award for Lifetime Achievement Award
Music groups: Boney M., Milli Vanilli, Rivers of Babylon, Rasputin, Feliz Navidad
Source: Wikipedia