How rich is Fess Parker?


How rich is Fess Elisha Parker, Jr.?

Fess Elisha Parker, Jr. Net Worth:
$20 Million

Fess Elisha Parker, Jr. Net Worth:

Fess Elisha Parker, Jr. (August 16, 1924 – March 18, 2010) was an American film and television actor best known for his portrayals of Davy Crockett in the Walt Disney 1955–1956 TV mini-series and as TV's Daniel Boone from 1964 to 1970. He was also known as a wine maker and resort owner-operator.The Fess Parker Winery is one of the wineries along the famous Foxen Canyon Wine Trail.
Birth date: 16th August 1924, in Fort Worth, Texas
Death date: 18th March, 2010 in Santa Ynez, California, USA
Birth place: Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Height:1.96 m
Profession: Film and television actor
Education: USA Navy, University of Texas, University of Southern California
Nationality: American
Spouse: Marcella Belle Rinehart (1960-2010)
Children: Ashley Allen Rinehart, Fess Elisha Parker III
Awards: Texas Cultural Trust's "Texas Medal of Arts Award" (2003), Honored the "tribute window on a façade" in the Frontierland section of Disneyland
Nominations: Disney Legend (1991), Emmy Award for Best new personality (1954)
Movies: 52), “Take Me to Town” (1953), “The Kid from Left “Harvey” (1950), “No Room for the Groom” (1953), “Dragonfly Squadron” (1954), “The Great Locomotive Chase” (1956), “Old Yeller” (1957), “The Light in the Forest” (1958)
TV shows: “Davy Crockett” (1954-1956), “Daniel Boone” (1964 – 1970)
Source: Wikipedia

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