How rich is Felicity Jones?


How rich is Felicity Jones?

Felicity Jones Net Worth:
$2 Million

Felicity Jones Net Worth:

Her mom is Julia Hadley, an advertising specialist and her dad is journalist named Gareth Jones. Her parents got divorced when Felicity was 3 years old and her mom was the only parent for Felicity and her brother. Michael Hadley, an actor, is Jones’ uncle. After completing her high school education, she determined to take a gap year. In 2006, she graduated from Wadham College. Felicity started her performing career at the age of 11. Her first show was at Central Junior Television that was accessible thanks to the capital of Central Television. As an actress, she started her career on television but now she’s known for her roles in films. The first movie she appeared in is called Flashbacks of a Fool where she plays Young Ruth. The film premiered in 2008. But it was the year 2014 where she made her mark in the movie industry. Nevertheless, her biggest success was James Marsh’s The Theory of Everything, a biography of renowned physicist Stephen Hawking and his ex wife Jane Wilde Hawking, a character played by Felicity Jones. The movie was a tremendous success and made nearly 123 million dollars world-wide. This film also gave Jones an Oscar nomination for Best Lead Performer. Felicity Jones is set to appear in another hoped-for film – Rogue One, a Star Wars spinoff directed by Gareth Edwards. Jones’ character isn’t yet shown but it appears like she will be among the principal characters in the film. They were together for about ten years. The couple met in town of Oxford. There’s little info about Felicity’s private life. It doesn’t look like she’ll be wed and have a husband anytime soon. She will not have a Twitter account or any accounts on social media for that matter. Felicity Jones has 7 awards and over 30 nominations. Her most noticeable accomplishments are for her part in The Theory of Everything, a film that got her nominated for both an Oscar and a Golden Globe. Felicity Jones just entered her 30’s but she’s certainly a star which is growing. Her forthcoming part in a Star Wars film should elevate her career even more so and it is not a long shot to anticipate her in future hits.

Birth date: 1983-10-17
Birth place: Bournville, Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
Height:5' 3" (1.6 m)
Profession: Producer
Education: University of Oxford
Source: Wikipedia

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