How rich is Emily Bustamante?


How rich is Emily Bustamante?

Emily Bustamante Net Worth:
$1 Million

Emily Bustamante Net Worth:

She was born in town of New York but grew up in the town of Virginia. She’s part Dominican and part Puerto Rican for her nationality. Her ethnicity is of African American. She’s also known due to the nicknames she was given as John Jckson, Fantastic and Johnathan Jackson or Fabolous. Emily Bustamante isn’t married and she’s a kid called Johan Jackson also generally known as Joso and the dad is her ex boyfriend but he isn’t married to him. They also had the daughter who’s called Taina and she’s over 16th birthday. The two had been dating for an extended period but it’s like the relationship hadn’t worked. Emily desired that her boyfriend should be perpetrated but this failed to occur and this is why they decide to break up. She could make the net worth since she was also the trend stylist within the entertainment business. She have had personal and professional relationship with distinct artists in the hip hop community including individuals like Mashonda who’s the former wife of the hip hop producer called Swiss Beats. It was verified that Emily is not going to be the cast for the season 3 of Love and Hip Hop. As an artist for Love and Hip Hop, Emily Bustamante is understood to have alluring and killer curves with the feet that triggers both loathe and love but she’s always happy with her hot body and fitness. She’s active on the social media like twitter with Instagram. Within the last couple of days, she uploaded the self body images where she declared that she was fighting with her weight before she can adopt her womanly form. Even if Emily Bustamante may have a broken family right now, according to her bio, she could reach more and she’s inspiration to many individuals. Even after passing in what may be viewed as a disaster, this failed to prevent her and she could realize what she set out to attain. She’s worked in different professionals as being Rapper, Record Producer, Songwriter and Disc Jockey. On-Line sites like wiki have more details about her and things she could realize during her life.

Birth date: 1948-06-17
Profession: Personal stylist, Shoe designer
Nationality: American
Partner: Fabolous, Fabolous
Spouse: Shook Kosugi
Children: Kane Kosugi, Shane Kosugi, Ayeesha Kosugi
Source: Wikipedia

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