How rich is Elvis Andrus?


How rich is Elvis Andrus?

Elvis Andrus Net Worth:
$60 Million

Elvis Andrus Net Worth:

Elvis Augusto Andrus Torres (born August 26, 1988) is a Venezuelan Major League Baseball shortstop for the Texas Rangers.Entering 2007, he was rated by Baseball America as the No. 2 prospect in the Atlanta Braves organization. In 2009, Andrus earned the Texas Rangers starting shortstop job at the age of 20.
Birth date: 1988-08-26
Height:1.82 m
Weight:84 kg
Profession: Baseball player
Nationality: Venezuelan
Parents: Emilio Andrus, Elvia Andrus
Siblings: Erold Andrus, Erikson Andrus, Emily Andrus
Source: Wikipedia

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