How rich is Édgar Ramírez?


How rich is Édgar Ramírez?

Édgar Ramírez Net Worth:
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Édgar Ramírez Net Worth:

Edgar Ramirez is an actor from Venezuela. He’s a sister whose name is Nataly. He’s travelled in various states during the early years of his life. He could be multilingual and can talk: Italian, English, Spanish, French and German. He’d an interest in international relations before. Thats why he was into journalism during his school days. He’s additionally created campaigns for movie theatres, radio and television. He took care of international promotions for the short film he created along with his pals. He was greatly commended for his part in the film. Thats when he wandered towards playing. He’s played in various films. The whole show was of 270 episodes. He was part of the film “Vantage Point”. He appeared as Ciro Redondo in the film “Che”. He played the part of actual Carlos in the French-German show “Carlos”. He was seen in the character of Larry in the film “Zero Dark Thirty” in the year 2012. He could be a great supporter of Amnesty International effort named as “No Dispares”. Amnesty International is a human rights organization. The effort aims at reducing the damage due to the reckless use of firearms. He could be also part of the organization which works for the youngsters of special needs. He became part of an action on 13th July 2008 where he was part of exciting sensory experience for deaf and blind kids. He’s a nicely kept up physique. He could be well understood on social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter. His TV shows can be found on YouTube for his viewers. He’s won award for most performing performer and the prize was a Cesar Award. He’s been nominated for Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Award and Guild Award. He could be tall and bears a height of 510″. He’s been quite cautious regarding his private life. He doesnt show much when inquired. There’s no news of him being married or his wife/girlfriend. Although he’s always aspired for a wife that will join forces with him and may have total faith in him.

Birth date: March 25, 1977
Birth place: Chichester, Sussex, England
Height:5' 10" (1.78 m)
Profession: Actor, Producer, Assistant Director
Spouse: Asia Macey
Source: Wikipedia

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