How rich is Ed Robertson?


How rich is Ted Robertson?

Ted Robertson Net Worth:
$8 Million

Ted Robertson Net Worth:

Edward Albert "Ted" Robertson (18 March 1929 – 5 January 1991) was an Australian politician. Born in Albany, Western Australia, he was educated at the University of Western Australia before becoming a teacher. Having moved to the Northern Territory, he became Chairman of the Northern Territory Council of Social Services. In 1975, he was elected to the Australian Senate as one of the first two Senators from the Northern Territory (the other was Bernie Kilgariff). He represented the Labor Party. He remained in the Senate until his retirement in 1987. Robertson died in 1991.
Birth date: 1954-06-06
Death date: 1991-01-05
Birth place: Brooklyn, New York, United States
Profession: Costume Designer
Spouse: Audrey
Source: Wikipedia

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