How rich is Ed Hochuli?


How rich is Ed Hochuli?

Ed Hochuli Net Worth:
$5 Million

Ed Hochuli Net Worth:

Edward G. Hochuli (/ˈhɒkjʉli/; born December 25, 1950) is an attorney for the firm of Jones, Skelton & Hochuli, P.L.C. since 1983, and has been an American football official in the National Football League (NFL) since the 1990 NFL season. His uniform number is 85. Prior to his officiating career, he played college football for four seasons at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP).Hochuli has worked numerous playoff games, including two Super Bowls. He is best known for his athletic/muscular physique and for explaining on-field rulings in a manner that is comprehensive yet also clear and concise. In a poll conducted by ESPN in 2008, Hochuli tied fellow referee Mike Carey for "best referee" votes (eight each) among NFL head coaches. Beginning his 25th season in the league and 23rd as referee (crew chief) with the 2014 NFL season, Hochuli's officiating crew consists of umpire Rich Hall, head linesman Pat Turner, line judge John Hussey, field judge Adrian Hill, side judge Keith Washington and back judge Scott Helverson.
Birth date: December 25, 1950
Birth place: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Height:1.88 m
Profession: LawyerAmerican Football OfficialAmerican football playerReferee
Education: University of Texas at El Paso, Canyon del Oro High School, University of Arizona
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Cathie Hochuli
Children: Shawn Hochuli
Parents: Walter Hochuli
Siblings: Chip Hochuli, Chillin' amongst the Party, Useless Muse, Four Nice Haircuts and Then We End It

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