How rich is Dr. James Andrews?


How rich is Dr. James Andrews?

Dr. James Andrews Net Worth:
$30 Million

Dr. James Andrews Net Worth:

Dr. James Andrews Net Worth $30 Million

James Rheuben Andrews, M.D. is an American orthopedic surgeon. He’s a surgeon for knee, elbow, and shoulder injuries and is a specialist in fixing damaged ligaments. James Andrews brought in his net worth from his successful medical practice in Birmingham, Alabama. The Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Center can be found at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Birmingham. He’s among the very well-known orthopedic surgeons in his profession for knee, elbow, and shoulder injuries, and he’s been credited with performing a number of the first arthroscopies. The Andrews-Paulos Research & Education Institute targets research and education on avoidance of injuries in numerous kinds of sports.

Andrews received his degree from Louisiana State University, where he was an athlete, winning a South-eastern Conference Tournament in polevaulting. He finished his residency at Tulane Medical School and completed fellowships in the University of Virginia School of Medicine as well as the University of Lyon. Andrews is well-known for performing orthopedic surgery on high profile sportsmen from a variety of sports and was the topic of an post that praised his abilities and listed a few of his noteworthy clients. One excerpt in the magazine said that “[Andrews] is the alpha doctor in the middle of a sports medicine network that expands well beyond physicians. Every athletic trainer, physical therapist, strength and conditioning coach in the property appears to have Andrews’ cell telephone number”. Andrews serves as the team physician for Alabama, Auburn, as well as the NFL’s Washington Redskins.

Birth date: September 1942
Profession: Surgeon
Education: Louisiana State University
Nationality: American
Spouse: Jenelle Andrews

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