How rich is Don Gummer?


How rich is Don Gummer?

Don Gummer Net Worth:
$10 Million

Don Gummer Net Worth:

Produced in Louisville, Kentucky, US, this unbelievable artist was created on December 12, 1946. Gummer was among the six children born to Dorothy and William Adolph Gummer. David von Schlegell, a leading sculptor was one of his classmates from Yale School. The artist now lives in Nyc with his wife. Gummer rose to acclaim in 1973 with his solo exhibit. He became popular around the world for his command in his artwork and was widely acclaimed for designing jaw-dropping and eye catching sculptures. This is followed by his work being featured at around twenty four solo exhibits at several galleries and museums across Midwest and East coast US. Many of his works have already been commissioned by the authorities. Amongst all his works, the most well-known have been ‘Primary Compass’ designed in 2000. It’s a long-term outdoor sculpture which stands at Butler Institute of American Art. In Youngstown, Ohio. He was also applauded for a fountain which was designed by him in Historic New Harmony, Indiana. His remarkable work of ‘Southern Circle’ received tremendous acclamation and was commissioned by Indianapolis in the year 2004. It was really a 7.6 metres tall sculpture that weighs around 20,000 lbs. His other famous works include ‘The Equitable’ at Ny, ‘House of Music’ in Kitskyushu, Japan, ‘Louisiana Museum’ in Denmark, etc. Until now, Gummer has had 28 solo exhibits. His work was limited to wall-mounted and tabletop sculptures. Yet, by 1990s, he got into freestanding sculptures. Based on critic Irving Sandler, Gummer’s design of artwork is modern and rooted in constructivism. On the other hand, the couple divorced in several years and Lucas moved to Atlanta. The sculptor subsequently remarried soon after. His wife Meryl Streep is a broadly popular and amazing celebrity in 1978. The two have given a fortune for artwork organization across world. Some of them contain, Opus School in Harlem, Vassar College etc. Gummer’s excellent work and ability have brought three awards in the area of artwork. His wall mounted and tabletop works makes his net worth of $10 million.

Birth date: December 12, 1946
Birth place: Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Profession: Sculptor
Education: Yale School of Art, Herron School of Art and Design, Yale University, Ben Davis High School
Nationality: American
Spouse: Meryl Streep
Children: Mamie Gummer, Grace Gummer, Henry Wolfe, Louisa Gummer
Parents: Dorothy Gummer, William Adolph Gummer
Source: Wikipedia

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