How rich is Diana Serra Cary?


How rich is Diana Serra Cary?

Diana Serra Cary Net Worth:
$2 Million

Diana Serra Cary Net Worth:

Diana Serra Cary (born October 26, 1918), known as Baby Peggy, was one of the three major American child stars of the Hollywood silent movie era along with Jackie Coogan and Baby Marie. Between 1921 and 1923 she made over 150 shorts for Century Studios. In 1922 she received over 1.2 million fan letters and by 1924, she had been dubbed "The Million Dollar Baby" for her $1.5 million a year salary. Despite her childhood fame and wealth, she found herself poor and working as an extra by the 1930s.Having an interest in both writing and history since her youth, Cary found a second career as an author and silent film historian in her later years under the name Diana Serra Cary. She is also the author of several books and has become an advocate for child actors rights.
Birth date: October 26, 1918
Birth place: Merced, California, United States
Profession: Movie star
Education: Fairfax High School
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Bob Carey (m. 1954–2001), Gordon Ayres (m. 1938–1948)
Children: Mark Carey
Parents: Marian Montgomery, Jack Montgomery
Siblings: Jack-Louise Montgomery
Movies: Eight Girls in a Boat, Hollywood on Parade, Helen's Babies, The Family Secret, Captain January
Books: What Ever Happened to Baby Peggy, Hollywood's children, The Hollywood posse, Jackie Coogan

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