How rich is Deen Castronovo?


How rich is Deen Castronovo?

Deen Castronovo Net Worth:
$10 Million

Deen Castronovo Net Worth:

Deen Castronovo (born August 17, 1965 in Westminster, California) is an American drummer and singer who has played in several notable hard rock and metal acts, such as Cacophony, Bad English, Journey, Wild Dogs, Dr. Mastermind, Hardline, Planet Us, Soul Sirkus, Social Distortion, and Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler's G/Z/R, as well as in backing bands for Ozzy Osbourne, Vasco Rossi, Steve Vai, Paul Rodgers and Matthew Ward. He is the current drummer for the band Journey, performing on such albums as Arrival (2001), Red 13 (2002), Generations (2005) (in which he also provided lead vocals on two songs), Revelation (2008), and Eclipse (2011), as well as providing lead vocals when performing live such hits as "Mother, Father", "Still They Ride", and "Keep on Runnin'" and occasionally "Faithfully".He also played on the song "Smoke Of The Revolution" on the Neal Schon solo album Late Nite.
Birth date: August 17, 1964
Birth place: Westminster, California, United States
Profession: Drummer
Education: South Salem High School
Nationality: American
Spouse: Deidra Castronovo
Children: Roman Jude Castronovo, Kyle Castronovo
Music groups: Journey (SinceĀ 1998), Revolution Saints
Source: Wikipedia

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